New Realizations

Break Free

Have you ever gone through life constantly having one thing after another happen to you, leaving you feeling like a victim? Asking why does this happen to me? Leaving you thinking there must not be a “god” or higher spirit or whatever you wanna call it and if there is he must be punishing you. I know I’ve definitely been there. In fact it actually took me years to really find any sense in who I was meant to be and why my life has turned out this way. The good thing is, it can and will get better. The news you may not want to hear is, its entirely up to you..

If you haven’t already been told, our brain is like an iceburg. We use 10% of it in our daily life, with our choces we make, our quick decisions, daily plans, short term memories. The other 80% has been programmed throughout the years of our lives, our subconscious. It holds our long term memories, belief systems, where our dreams our created. From the ages 0-6 Years old, our subconscious is like a sponge, everything we pick up in those years is solidified by the age of 6 and carries forward in our daily lives for years to come, whether we know it or not. BUT, the cool thing to know is you can actually REPROGRAM your subconscious!! Yes that’s right you read that right… It takes patience and repetition, but its doable! I will get back to this later on.

So just to be clear, you were not responsible for the beliefs and perhaps the traumas you have experienced as a child, but you are 100% responsible for how you deal with it as an adult.

I grew up in a Christian family, went to church, bible school, bible camps etc. So it was great I grew up believing in a higher spirit but I also felt there was something more to know, and things didn’t add up. I was told once while in bible camp that I was not aloud to believe in both god, and reincarnation. So I left that summer taking my faith away from god and chose to believe in just reincarnation. For years this began to affect my life negatively because I no longer knew how to believe in a “higher spirit” I was one of those people who said I believe in me and am just living for today.. while this is great, it wasn’t satisfying, it takes away the fact that there is a divine plan for you.

When you are not aligned with your true intention for greater good and in connection with the “universe” or “god” or “the divine” “higher spirit” whatever you want to call it, you don’t know what your living for anymore. It almost takes you away from yourself in a sense, you start to live for exterior satisfactions. Mine was my family or friends, all I lived for was making them happy or laugh. It was great but I still felt I had no true purpose. And when I lost family members and friends I felt there must not be a god if I lost that person. So one day after I felt enough was enough and dug into some spiritual books and documentaries, I finally had my own first awakening.

I wanna make note, before this, nobody could have told me differently it was entirely up to me to make the steps and choose to even glue into those steps. Your spiritual journey is your own, it will come on your own time, in your own way, you just got to start walking, when your ready.

For me, I was flying over the world, literally.. I was in an airplane and I was flying home from a much needed trip with my family and friends back home. I had just gone through a breakup with someone who was about to move in with me and I started listening to my instincts for once and decided I couldn’t do it, when I was looking down at the world below me and reading “The universe has your back” by Gabrielle Burnstien and I was writing down my answers to the questions she was asking in one of the last chapters, it was something like “What would your life look like if you knew you were being guided” “What would you do differently if you knew the universe had your back?” “Do you have spiritual proof that the universe is guiding you?” It wasn’t until I actually wrote these answers out and re read what I wrote that this feeling inside me overtook all my senses..  I looked around at the people around me and wondered if they could feel it to.. I could hear all the advice that parents, friends, siblings, mentors ever has told me rushing through my head. It was like it all just.. clicked… I got off the plane and as soon as I landed I took a deep breath and ass I exhaled I felt every stress and worry leave my body, there was no need to look back anymore. I knew this was the beginning of great things to come. My alignment was back.

After this I took a certification to be a life coach practitioner, decided one day I will release a book, and embarked on a spiritual journey of energy healing, yoga, reiki, crystals, etc. It was in my life coach course I first heard of the 0-6 years of our subconscious and how we can reprogram it. A good way to start, is affirmations. Make a list of affirmations you would like to believe even if you don’t believe it yet. Just by saying them to yourself daily will end up programming them into your subconscious and in return begin to show up in your everyday life. Another great way is what I call a personal meditation or a “life script” its where you make a paragraph long script of your life how you want it to be but in present tense, using very descriptive positive words. You repeat it 5x on a recording, and listen to it once when you wake up and once before bed. This allows your subconscious to be programed to believe a new reality rather than the reality it has believed up until now, in return, manifesting the life you want! … like I said, its all up to you!

“Where the mind goes, the man follows.” So where do you want to go?

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