Late night poetry.

The silence of the night creeps into my heart.

How did I get here again, where did it start.

The depth of this hurt, I’ve felt all before.

Another sleepless night, washes up shore.

As I lay here in my head, and bring forth my own guilt.

Toss and turn in my bed, feeling my heart start to wilt.

How did I let this happen, and open up once again?

Where did the walls I built go, why did I let someone in?

All these thoughts, won’t let me feel at peace.

I didn’t deserve this, it’s time for release.

Time to release, the pain trapped inside. There’s nowhere to hide, already on the slide.

Time to release, I’m down for this ride, the tears I have cried, they came and they dried.

Time to release, it all down the landslide, wash it away in the tide, and rebuilt a new pride.

Time to release, climb up that mountain side, keep my dreams far and wide, leave me here dignified.

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