Life Coaching

Drag with what you’ve always known, Or Fly to where you’re meant to go. -DragOrFly


When you love yourself, truly and fully, the flow of love with pour back into your life. It all starts at one spot… YOU.

Are you struggling with getting your goals mapped out? Can’t seem to figure out where to start? Want to move on from a break up? Want to learn how to love who you are? Struggling to figure out who you actually are? Whether your goals are simply to find love for yourself, or get organized, I am thrilled to assure you, I CAN help!

You DO NOT have to wait to live the life you want and dream of. You can start now!


I struggled with life for years, I saw Counselor’s all through middle school, high school, and years after. Then I thought… I need a Psychologist and paid absurd amounts of money to see all these professional people in hopes they would help me figure out my life!


In life EVERYONE struggles with learning to find happiness, find the point of their life, their why, their motivation, who they are. The thing is until you walk towards finding who you are, instead of looking for yourself through someone else, you will continue to have this struggle.

TAKE THE FIRST STEPS! You cannot get to where you want to go, if you don’t lift your foot to walk towards it.

For myself, when I figured out there was such thing as a life coach, someone who doesn’t hold the stigma that something was wrong with me, who can help put actions into my words and give me non biased advice to life a positive productive life based on my own needs and wants, I was so intrigued! I wanted to sign up right away! I googled some local life coaches and began my journey.


I saw a life coach for awhile, didn’t like him. He did teach me of the law of attraction though, so I was able to learn something from him. Then found another one I did like! He helped me immensely with putting this into action I began to realize “I can do this!”. I learned things from him I still carry out into my life today. Its important to find someone who you relate to, who you can look up to and connect with. Don’t get discouraged if you’ve had a couple bad experiences with other coaches or mentors, there will be one for you if you just don’t give up!


One day I saw an add for a course to be a life coach in my city! I jumped at the opportunity and threw it on my MasterCard telling myself it will be worth it and I’ll figure out the cost later. It was one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Being in a room with like minded people who have all face their own traumas and has their own reasons to be there that resonated with mine as well.

Going through my course I realized I was the youngest one there. I got complimented on the fact that someone my age was interested in a better way of life so young. But I was always like this. I have wanted to help people throughout my whole life. People have always come to me for advice knowing I would know what to say. It’s crazy because sometimes I would have bombs dropped on me that I thought, holy shit how am I going to say the right words to help this person through this. I would just start talking and by the end of it they would reply, “thanks Kaitlin, I came to you because I knew you would know exactly what to say.” And I would be sitting there like… FEWF!

Helping people comes naturally to me and I finally found a way to help people professionally as a job! I have been coaching clients on and off for about a year so far, but I had to do some internal healing to really help myself first before I helped others. I actually am seeing a life coach currently who is a woman I took my course with! She has been phenomenal!



  • I am a level 2 certified Reiki Practitioner.
  • I am a certified 200hr yoga teacher through integrated yoga therapy.
  • I have completed my certified Personal Training.
  • I do chakra oracle card readings.


I am eager and excited to finally have the time to give my full attention to my coaching business now! I can coach you from anywhere in the world. I have very fair prices that I have not seen anywhere else yet. I want people to be able to afford to see me. I spent years avoiding help because I could not afford it. I wouldn’t dream of denying someone coaching because of that.

Please contact me if your interested and we can talk about pricing between us!

I wish you all the luck on your life adventure and hope I can add value and clarity to any part of it!

xoxo DragOrFly